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National Geographic Children's Books


New Products from NG Children's Books
 New from David A. Aguilar   
Get ready for the most exciting; recent discoveries in the universe and the newest views of the solar system, plus stunning artwork that gives the viewer a you-are-there feeling.

Summer Reading
Offering collection building books the Summer 2015 Program
 National Geographic is proud to partner with Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) to provide high-quality summer reading materials for children. Click below for a list books that complement this year’s theme.

Reviews and Awards - NG Children's Books
Stars for Treasury of Egyptian Mythology 
“...gripping and candid prose ...offering the immediacy of a contemporary fantasy novel” —Publisher’s Weekly starred review
“Sumptuous of format, magisterial of content...”—Kirkus starred review

About our Authors - NG Children's Books
Offering K-12 educators resources that align to and support the Common Core State Standards  
Featuring National Geographic books aligned to the CCSS and Educator’s Guides with Common Core alignments and classroom activities. Check back often as we continue to add new resources!

Fun with Nonfiction and the Common Core  
Check out this video from our Common Core Seminar!

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